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Can I add team members to my roster from my other teams?
Yes! If you are a member of more than one team, you can add team members to your team that are on the rosters of your other teams.

To add team members from your other team(s):
  1. Select a team where you are a team administrator
  2. Go to the Roster page
  3. In the Add Team Members section, click Add team members from your other teams
  4. In the Step 1 section, select from the list of team members provided by clicking Add next to the team member name. Or, to add all team members that are shown in the list, click Add all. To reduce the number of team members in the list, you can filter the list by team or gender using the controls to the right of the list.
  5. In the Step 2 section, you will see a list of team members you have selected. For each team member, select the team member type that you would like to use when they are added to your team. If you have selected two or more team members, you can quickly set all of the selected team members to the same team member type, by selecting from the list of team member types to the right of the list and clicking Update.
  6. To add the selected team members to your team, click Add Selected Team Members. To return to your roster without adding any team members, click Cancel.

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