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How do I change RSVPs for my team members?
If you are a team administrator, you can update RSVP information for any of your team members from the Event Attendance/RSVPs page.

To update RSVP status for one or more team members:
  1. Hover over the RSVPs navigation tab, then select Manage Attendance List/RSVPs from the menu that appears (alternatively, you can click on the RSVPs navigation tab, then click the Manage Attendance List/RSVPs link from the top of that page).
  2. Select the season and event that you want to update RSVP statuses for and click Update to refresh the list of team members on the page
  3. Update the RSVP information for one or more team members listed on the page (you can update the RSVP status, additional team members, and RSVP comments).
  4. Click Save Changes

If instead you need to update the RSVP for a specific team member for multiple games, you can do this from the regular RSVPs page:
  1. Click on the RSVPs navigation tab
  2. Expand the Events Filter section by clicking on Events Filter
  3. Select the Specific teams radio button
  4. Select the team that has the team member you want to manage RSVPs for
  5. Click Update
  6. When the page has reloaded, select the team member from the RSVP for dropdown box.
  7. Change the RSVPs as needed for the team member by putting a checkmark in the appropriate RSVP status box or by making other RSVP changes as needed and following the on-screen prompts to save your changes.

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