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How do I create custom team member types?
When new teams are created, they include a number of different types which you can assign to each of your team members. Some examples of the basic types are "Full-time Player", "Sub", "Coach", and "Friend".

However, you're not limited to those types! You can create your own and can even rename or completely remove the built-in types so they do not show up for your team.

The team member types that you define show up in various other places within your team web site as well. For example, when you define e-mail reminder settings, you can filter by team member types. Therefore, if you add or modify your list of team member types, the list that you can filter from will change accordingly.

To manage the team member types for your team:
  1. Go to the Roster page for a team where you are a team administrator
  2. Click Manage team member types
  3. Using the form shown, you can rename existing types, add new types, and can even change the display order of the types.

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