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How do I make someone else on my team a team administrator?
In order to make someone else a team administrator, you must first be a team administrator yourself. There is no limit to how many team members on a team roster can be a team administrator. Please keep in mind that you should typically be selective on who you make a team administrator. Once someone has administrative rights, they can manage your team web site and can even delete it completely!

Also, please note that making someone a team administrator is separate from their team member type assignment. Team member types are strictly for identifying the role that team members play on the team and do not dictate what permissions someone has to perform team management tasks. In other words, if you were to create a "Administrator" team member type, simply setting someone's team member type to "Administrator" would not make them a team administrator in terms of being able to perform administrative duties such as schedule or roster management.

To make a team member a team administrator:
  1. Go the Roster tab and select Manage Roster
  2. Click Edit on the row for team member that you want to make a team administrator
  3. Go to the Options tab
  4. Select the box titled, Make this person a Team Admin
  5. Click Save

The selected team member will now have administrative rights for your team. It may be necessary for them to sign out of their account and then sign back in again to be able to administer your team.

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