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How do I send an e-mail to specific team members for a specific event?
Team Cowboy allows you to send an e-mail to your team members in context of a specific event on your team's event schedule. Put another way, you are able to filter the recipients for an e-mail based on team member type, gender, and RSVP status as it applies to a specific event.

To send an e-mail to team members for a specific event:
  1. Navigate to the Send a Team E-mail page
  2. Go to the For a Specific Event tab
  3. Select the event you want to send an e-mail for
  4. Using the checkboxes below the list of events, filter by team member type, gender, and/or RSVP status
  5. Compose your message (subject, body, etc.)
  6. Click Preview to see who the e-mail will go to and to review your email, or just click Send to send your e-mail immediately.

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