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I am not receiving emails sent from Team Cowboy. Why is that happening?
There are a few different possibilities for why you may not be receiving emails sent from Team Cowboy. Before contacting us with issues, please review this quick list of possible issues.

Is the e-mail address in question entered properly in your account profile?
This may seem obvious, but is actually the most common issue we see when our customers aren't receiving e-mails. Please make sure there are no typos or other mistakes that might prevent you from receiving emails in your inbox. Sometimes, team administrators may add your e-mail address incorrectly in the first place and it has not yet been corrected. 

Are you sure you should have received an e-mail?
Depending on the area of Team Cowboy, there are many options that could affect whether or not you were supposed to be sent an e-mail message in the first place. For example, your team administrator can adjust settings for automated event reminder emails that filter recipients based on team member type, RSVP status, etc. If the filter excluded you from the recipient list, you would not be sent an e-mail. Another example is with Message Board posts. If the option to send e-mail notifications is not selected when the message is created, no e-mail messages will be sent out when the message (or associated comments) are posted.

Is your e-mail provider blocking emails that are sent from Team Cowboy?
If you believe this to be the case, please let us know right away. We can check our system logs and can follow-up with the technical staff at your e-mail provider as needed to ensure this doesn't happen. Despite our best efforts and our adherence to various anti-spam measures, e-mail providers still block our messages from time to time without informing us. If you would like details on our procedures, please contact us.

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