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What web browsers does Team Cowboy work with?
Team Cowboy is designed and formally tested on the current versions of the following web browsers:
  • Google Chrome (Windows & Mac OS X)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Windows & Mac OS X)
  • Safari (Windows & Mac OS X)
  • Internet Explorer (Windows)

Team Cowboy should also work fine on the following web browsers (although we do not formally do testing on them):
  • Google Chrome (Windows & Mac OS X, older versions)
  • Internet Explorer (Windows, older versions)
  • Opera 10.6 and earlier versions (Windows)
  • iPhone & iPad (Safari/Webkit browser)
  • Android devices (Safari/Webkit browser)
  • Other smartphones (Windows Phone 7, newer Blackberry devices, Sybian, etc.)

Team Cowboy will not work, or may have minor or more severe issues with browsers not listed above, specifically Internet Explorer 6.

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