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I'm getting e-mails from a team but when I sign in I'm not able to access the team. What's wrong?
Most likely, you have two or more separate accounts and your teams are not all within the same account. If you are getting e-mails from different teams but are not seeing one or more of those teams when you sign into your account, the easiest way to figure things out is to request your account information. Enter the e-mail address where you are receiving the e-mail and we will search our system for accounts that list that e-mail address, then we will send you a list of matching accounts.

Once you are able to sign into the account with the team you are trying to access, make a note of the username and password for that account. Then, sign into the main account you want to use moving forward and use the Merge Account Tool to combine your accounts. The account you want to merge everything into is up to you -- it is most-likely the one you've been signing into, but could be any of the accounts listed in the account information e-mail that you requested per the instructions above. Remember that when using the Merge Account Tool, you should only be merging accounts that are for the same person. If you are a parent trying to manage your account and one or more accounts for your kids, you should probably be linking accounts instead of merging them. 

Once you've merged your accounts, you'll have all of your teams in a single account for easy access.

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